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CHIRO (Animation)

Product Detail Information

Edutainment TV animation series


  • 52 episodes x 5 min


  • Full 3D Digital Animation

│Target (Age)│

  • 3 to 6, parents of preschoolers


  • EBS, Champ, Jei, Daekyo...


The series, Chiro is about discovering the amusing world from the eyes of three little chicks and animal friends shaped like square blocks. The three chicks are Chiro, the youngest chick who is always full of curiosity, the eldest Chico, who acts like a grown-up, and timid but prudent Chiyo. The neighbors, happy crocodile Ullala, who likes flowers, talkative monkey Charlie who keeps losing everything, and simple-minded and cheerful piglet, Kuri accompanies Chiro chicks. The world seems to be filled with fascinating and wonderful things to the Chiro and friends. While they make problems and involve exciting adventures every day, they learn more of what they are curious about and gradually found out interesting nature.